Quite a private comment, among professionals… Important for me, though!

Dear all readers of my young blog, few for the time being, and all worth. Hello again! Os saludo de nuevo!

Assume that some of you have been missing me for a while. It has been over a season that I have been playing on the real life ground, and not back to this virtual site, created by me, by the way.

To those who, in the meantime, have stressed me to be back, many thanks. To those others, just ‘standing by’ and reading now these words, thanks very much as well. And to all of you, thanks for your patience so far and also for your attention from now onwards.

I’ll write this time an exceptional post, just to explain myself, and after that, I will continue to try to catch present and new readers’ attention to my new posts.

During this seasonal lapse of time, too many things have happened to me. One of these things is the reason for my coming back writing in English, instead of in Spanish. I hope to be able to keep an acceptable language level, not sufficient to be awarded a Nobel Prize, whilst at least neither boring or elementary. I know I’m limited, but dare to take the risk, as far as I will basically ‘talk’ about the business and not about life.

The reason for my coming back in the English language is that I feel I will be able to share my concerns much better, with a wider audience. I’m present in the LinkedIn (also partly inactive during the last months), I have a Twitter account, where I can follow up others, rather than be followed up. And I have a large part of my contacts abroad. And, believe it or not, those few things I managed to comment in my first set of posts, are well understood by the people abroad. Therefore, LET’S GO! Why not have a try? I always trusted myself, and keep doing.

During the last months the following happened to me:

  • Lost my previous job, 😦

  • Enjoyed a lot of holidays, 🙂

  • Enjoyed a lot of time with my family, 🙂

  • Thought about myself, my values, my knowledge, :^)

  • And also about my ‘bad-difficult’ age (*) 😉

  • And also about the nasty environment in my country, 😦

    (*) coming close to the 50’s is said to be something bad in all statistics, etc.:p

I worked hard on thinking (and writing) about me and my future. As much as I could, provided my daylight time was booked by my son & daughter –I love them so much!– and they forced me to make days last longer even being it so dark when they went to bed. It has certainly been a worth unforgettable time. (If we can see the time-stamp of the files I created in my laptop during last months, we can for sure establish either I use a laptop bought elsewhere and with the internal clock running slow or that I worked at nights).

What’s up now? There still exist some people that consider they have to do something more and that trusts new plans and people making proposals, that are ready to invest in other people. And that’s my case. After around 60 days unemployed, though not idle, I had already fixed a job deal. I will stop talking about this here. This is not a blog about my life, is it?

So let’s take it as if this blog had gone into a coma. And is back, awaken…



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